My name is Oyinda and I am 19 years old. My major is advertising, and I basically enjoy reading writing, superhero stuff, sherlock,atla, etc. So I am pretty much a nerd, but a fun nerd. :) I mean we all know nerds will rule the world one day. Anyway I basically post whatever I find freaking awesome, so there could be superhero stuff one day and then some funny crap another day. It really depends what mood I am in. So talk to me or ask me whatever you want and feel free to look through my blog.
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Guys, if you see photos of Tom that you’ve not seen before with black hair holding a puppy, or black hair against a blank wall or his golden yellow locks with an orange shirt or photos with him and an infant:

Those are photos from the facebook leak, do NOT repost them. 

There is a reason they’re not on the internet.